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Lexias Presents an Innovative New Infrastructure for Secure Data Exchange - DigiVault On-line Web Connectivity Extends Lexiguard Product Suite

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NEW YORK--(Business Wire)--Sept. 5, 2000--Lexias Inc. (www.lexias.com) announced today the unveiling of its flagship product, DigiVault(TM), URL www.mydigivault.com DigiVault adds a compelling new dimension to the secure data exchange market, offering benefits unavailable with email: secure storage, access, transmission, collaboration and sharing of information in real time anywhere, from any computer, with any browser.

Corporate users can now fully benefit from the convenience and competitive advantages of the web while strictly maintaining the security and privacy of their communication with clients, prospects, business associates and partners that is essential to business operations.

With clear advantages over virtual private network (VPN), DigiVault is particularly appealing to those businesses that have minimal or no security infrastructure in place.

In addition to continuous beginning- to-end encryption of information from client to vault and from vault to client, DigiVault technology includes digital certificate authentication, SSL and RSA public key file encryption.

"In today's anytime, anywhere economy, DigiVault delivers upon an idea whose time has come," says Jean Hamilton, Executive Vice President of Lexias. "Corporate users can now keep their essential documents at their fingertips and access their files even without laptops. DigiVault provides them with an ideal means of achieving the freedom of instant web connectivity with complete control of the security of their critical information, its access and flow, and it enables sharing on demand."

DigiVault is offered as a corporate in-house integration or can be outsourced from Lexias. DigiVault is housed at a very secure data center in downtown Manhattan.

The name Lexias comes from the term hypertext and means a pattern of linked passages with multiple paths and shifting textual space. Lexias Inc. believes that DigiVault represents the beginning of a new paradigm of connectivity in cyberspace that will keep expanding its reach, exemplifying the motto of "protecting private information in a public world(TM)."

About Lexias

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York City, Lexias Inc. develops and markets online and offline data exchange products and services. The LexiGuard(TM) software product suite, released early this year, has received high marks for its ease of use and has been called "the Coming Adobe Acrobat of Encryption" by third parties. It is currently being evaluated at leading financial and insurance companies. Its unique key escrow and recovery mechanism is patent pending.

About Lexias

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