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Security Magazine Review

For: This solution protects data from internal and external attack. Against: Nothing.

DigiVault Empowering eBusiness Security
Thanks to a Smart Little Company called Lexias, CIOs Can Now Empower their Users to Assist in eBusiness Security

Lexias Presents an Innovative New Infrastructure for Secure Data Exchange
DigiVault On-line Web Connectivity Extends Lexiguard Product Suite

DigiVault Offers On-Line Web Connectivity
Lexias Inc. (www.lexias.com) announced today the unveiling of its flagship product, DigiVault™.

Thumbs-up Review for LexiGuard the Coming "Adobe Acrobat" of Encryption
... a desktop encryption product which someday could become the defacto desktop encryption application of choice

IBM Partner World Review: LexiGuard Keeps Data Secure for Companies Worldwide
LexiGuard™ provides businesses with an easy-to-use, affordable data security application